A Family Tradition of Service for More Than 65 years


Who We Are

Bud’s Ambulance, a division of Daley’s Medical Transport, represents a proud family tradition of unrivalled health care. Spanning four generations, Bud’s passionately serves our patients, our employees, and the Chicagoland communities in which we work.

Round-the-Clock Medical Transport

Quick to respond to your needs, we practice what we preach: dedicated, premium care, always in the customer’s best interest. Bud’s is ready and able to serve around the clock – every minute of every day, of ever year. As we have for more than 65 years, Bud’s Ambulance continues to offer compassionate aid to those who have aided us. This is our family caring for yours.


Quick Response Medical

Emergencies happen. When we can’t prevent them, we must respond to them… as quickly as possible. This is why 13 communities trust Bud’s to handle their 911-emergency calls. In fact, Bud’s handles more emergency calls in the South Cook County Emergency Medical System than any other ambulance provider. We have proven ourselves to be not just willing, but able, to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to save a life. Our number one asset is our customer care. We believe in PATIENT CARE. We believe in our staff to be the best at providing it. Bud’s is proud of our unrivalled staff, and confident in the service we provide.